Approved suppliers to Transport NSW
Parsons Engineering

As an approved rail supplier for over 15 years, Parsons has been involved in the building of new infrastructure for both heavy and light rail and, more recently, the new Sydney Metro Rail. We take pride in the fact we deliver on time and to Sydney Trains’ Standards.

Parsons keeps a wide range of standard rail parts in stock for emergencies. To list just a few of the parts we manufacture specifically for rail:

  • Stainless steel brackets for tunnels
  • Galvanised posts and brackets
  • Air manifolds
  • Air fittings
  • Point gauges
  • Spherolock point lock gauge
  • Clamplock gauge
  • Point rod ends
  • Stainless steel conduit fittings
  • Stainless steel braided hose
  • Special fasteners
  • Special tools or precision gauges

F Block


Point Gauges


Spherolock Spanner

Spherolock Spanner

KVCC Gauges

KVCC Gauge Spherolock spanner Points gauge

Air Line Fittings

Air Fittings

Isolation Flanges

Isolation Flanges

Spherolock Gauges

Spherolock gauge